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Medical services from a kind country doctor


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“é In 2009, while the law [Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare] was being debated in Congress, é Mr. Obama devoted one of his weekly addresses to the health legislation, saying, ’If you like your private health insurance plan, you can keep your plan. Period.’”

Between the Lines

Obviously, he misspoke. People are getting denials on their existing policies, but politicians don’t lie; they “misspeak.”

There are gaffes, such as using the incorrect syntax in a speech. And there are irrational misstatements of information or mistakes, and politicians are not immune. Gov. Rick Perry comes to mind.

Then there are instances of giving out intentional misinformation such as when Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice (and President Obama) told the world that the American ambassador in Benghazi and three others were killed because of a video. With time, it became apparent that they were simply in denial over a terrorist attack.

The latest high-profile figure to misspeak is Obama when he says if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. Period.

I think if he had left off those “periods,” it might be easier to explain his multiple episodes as misspeaking. Just sayin’

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“For the past 60 years, conventional medical authorities have warned that saturated animal fats cause heart disease and should be severely restricted in a heart-healthy diet. é”

Between the Lines

What’s a person to do? Studies have shown that you should limit fats, but new studies show there are good fats and bad fats. Years ago, good marketing told us that eating margarine was better than eating butter. Then it was discovered that margarine was loaded with chemicals, and butter was a good fat.

Coffee is bad for you; or maybe it’s good. Artificial sweeteners keep you from gaining weight or maybe not. Potatoes are high in vitamin C, but wait; potatoes are bad. Eat eggs. No, they are high in cholesterol.

The science of nutrition is constantly changing as new discoveries are made. The best advice, especially in a world of uncertain health care, is to pay attention. Eat right, exercise, and stay healthy. That advice does not change.

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“Five-dollar-a-day doc of Illinois retires at age 88

“For 58 years, the doctor was in, charging just five dollars per visit in the small town of Rushville, Ill. é”

Between the Lines

Dr. Russell Dohner is truly a dying breed. Not only are such “country doctors” scarce, but today’s high-tech, highly regulated health-care industry makes it almost impossible for such a person to practice.

Dr. Dohner reminds me of old Dr. King. I don’t recall his first name, but he was old when I knew him. I remember him as kind, and my family liked him. He delivered me. There was a little hospital in nearby Hobson, but Dr. King came to the house, which was in the country between Karnes City and Hobson. My mother said that he had delivered so many babies, he didn’t need a scale. He just held me up and pronounced me as weighing 6 pounds. That was as technical as it got back then, in the country.

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