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A thanks to greeters, ushers


How do you feel when you enter a restaurant and are given a very upbeat welcome? Does this greeting enrich your experience in that place and maybe almost make the food taste better? How about when you check out at the grocery store? Does the “hello” from the checker make your trip to the store either better or worse?

Do you ever feel when you enter a business that you are intruding in their territory and are in their way? Of course, we don’t want to ever feel that way and we love to hear a friendly word from the greeter and it makes your experience more upbeat. The greeting received at a business makes a huge difference in our shopping experience.

What about your greeting when you enter the House of Worship? As you enter, there are greeters/ushers there to receive you. Maybe with a hug but definitely with a “hello” and a greeting that brings joy to your heart. You are given a program for the service and then you proceed on into the sanctuary. At that time, you will see those that also worship there. Again, it is a time of greeting and sharing the love of Jesus with a handshake or a hug. We are all greeters at this time. All these encounters make a difference in the worship time. We need always to be reflecting the love of Jesus in our lives, in all our greetings.

At La Vernia United Methodist Church we are welcomed in a beautiful way. First, by the greeters/ushers, and then by many of those that attend and with whom we worship. It is a joy to worship with those that love the Lord in every area of their lives. The ushers also provide other services for us. They agree to be there early and be ready to greet. They pray for the people that will be arriving and they seek to show God’s love in each encounter, in each “hello.” After the service, they stay to straighten up the sanctuary and leave the facilities in a manner that brings glory to our Lord and Savior. It is a desire of the greeters/ushers to serve our gracious and wonderful Lord in their every action, in their every encounter, with every word of encouragement.

Thank you to the greeters/ushers for their glow for our gracious and loving God and for spreading the joy and love of Christ to all. We want to take your example and also spread that love to all in whom we come in contact. Let’s all glow for our Lord and Savior daily!

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