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Tax us here or tax us there; it’s all the same


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“As the unemployed wait, lawmakers debate about extended benefits

“Congressional Demo-crats and Republicans are fighting over whether to extend unemployment benefits set to expire at the end of the month a top priority for President Obama and appear at odds over how exactly to pay for the approximately $26 billion that a one-year extension would cost. é”

Between the Lines

Wouldn’t it be great if as much effort was expended on creating an environment conducive to a recovering economy as it is on expanding and extending benefits for the jobless? How about fixing the economy first, and that would allow people to find jobs in the free market. They could become productive citizens instead of waiting on the sidelines. An improved economy would be a win-win.

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“Chamber will support establishment candidates

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s new push to get involved in Republican primaries by defending incumbents against tea party challengers could actually make it easier to unseat them, according to the head of the influential Club for Growth.

“Chris Chocola, the club’s president, said the battle between the chamber, which he said advocates big business, and the rank-and-file free-market conservatives whom his group represents is well underway.”

Between the Lines

For the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to take sides against tea party candidates really makes it a battle between, as they say, “Wall Street” and “Main Street.” Strike one for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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The Times-Picayune Greater New Orleans ( http://

“Be sensible, Gov. Jindal, take the Medicaid money

“Gov. Bobby Jindal’s decision to reject the expansion of Medicaid looks worse and worse. A new study by the Commonwealth Fund shows that Louisiana will lose out on $1.65 billion in federal dollars é .”

Between the Lines

Everyone who favors expanding Medicaid in the states always uses the argument that it would save money in the long run. How is it that Louisisana would “lose” federal dollars by not expanding the Medicaid program? Federal dollars first come from taxpayers in the states. “Federal dollars” are nothing more than redistributed wealth.

It’s the same thing that progressives are trying to tell Texas Gov. Rick Perry. The “poor” can’t afford to purchase insurance, so if they have an accident or unexpected serious illness, they will be unable to pay the huge medical expenses.

As was argued in a guest column in the San Antonio Express-News recently, “Like it or not, all of us who have insurance and pay taxes are already paying for the health costs of the uninsured.” He advocates finding a “cost-effective” way of paying. He would expand Medicaid in Texas.

That argument is often used by those favoring government expansion that by going on Medicaid, these people would be saving taxpayers money. I’m not quite following that line of thinking. Don’t we taxpayers also pay the costs of the Medicaid program? How would that save money for taxpayers? Whether we pay the bills of those without insurance or we pay for their Medicaid we still pay.

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