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Make God the center of your prayers


What is prayer? Is it worship; is it the center of our lives? What do we consider when we pray? Prayer is to converse with our Heavenly Father and be able to directly address Him. Prayer can be oral or mental, plain and simple or formal but it is talking with our Lord.

Prayer is God’s idea, not man’s. Just as parents desire to have dialogue with their children and friends want to converse with friends, our God designed prayer as a dialogue with His children and to be able to converse with those who know Him as Savior and Lord. God must be the center of all our prayers; not our wants and our desires, but we must have God-centered prayers always looking to Him for direction in every area of our lives and being.

We hear all kinds of books and sermons on prayer, but prayer is still the most excitingly important part of our lives. Prayer is as easy and effortless as breathing é God is here with us. If we stand, He stands with us. If we move, He moves. We must always walk with Him.

Let’s take a little test about our prayer life.

Daily prayer is so important, don’t neglect the Lord. True or False? If you are too busy for prayer, we are too busy! Reduce your life; spend time with the Lord each day. He’ll greatly reward us.

If the only time you turn to God is in a crisis, He may not be there. True or False? Be with God in the good times, in the quiet times, the crisis times will be more in touch with God. Is your prayer a form of worship? Your prayer time is just a time of asking for things. True or False? Or do you also praise the Lord and give Him thanksgiving for all the wonderful parts of your life?

Does your prayer release God’s power? True or False? God can take the good or the bad when it is released to Him, great things can happen. I challenge you to try God. Submit to Him and see God’s power in action.

Is your prayer a time to rush into God, asking for favors and rushing out again? True or False? Sometimes we need to come quickly and we have to ask quickly but this cannot be our only form of prayer. We must have a strong prayer life, on a daily basis to be able to communicate with God for the crisis and the unpredictable.

You are invited to join with us at La Vernia United Methodist Church to worship with us and to spend time in prayer together. There is a traditional service at 8:30 a.m. and a contemporary service at 11 a.m. with Sunday school classes for everyone at 10 a.m. See you there!

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