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Proof is in the carry


Headline from

“Proof: Concealed Carry Means FEWER Murders

“A recent study undertaken by a Quinnipiac University Economics professor shows that states with stricter gun control laws had higher incidences of gun related murders.

“é These results suggest that restrictive concealed weapons laws may cause an increase in gun-related murders é .”

Between the Lines

John R. Lott., Jr. and David B. Mustard published “Crime, Deterrence and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns.” His research agrees.

Although not a popular opinion in the media, Lott is not alone in saying that responsible and proper gun ownership can reduce violent crimes. It helps deter criminals when they think they may be faced with a gun, and it helps level the playing field if the victim also has a gun.

As conservatives often argue, “If only the bad guys have guns é .”

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Press Release from DNC

“After today’s vote in the Senate advanced a measure to extend unemployment insurance for Americans who are still looking for work, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement:

“’Thanks to the leadership of Senate Democrats, we’ve taken the first step to restoring crucial benefits to millions of Americans who are still looking for work.’”

Between the Lines

This is the same Democratic Party that was celebrating the drop in unemployment for December. Looks like they want it both ways.

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“McDonald’s is the poster child for the modern Western diet and all the health problems that it engenders. As a general rule, ’food’ was designed to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs.

“Processing destroys many of the nutrients and is the primary contribution to most of the chronic degenerative diseases many experience today. é”

Between the Lines

Dr. Mercola also makes the case that much of what we call food, especially from fast-food restaurants and packaged and processed foods, has been treated with preservatives almost to the point of not decomposing.

If you have ever left a hamburger out on the counter for a couple of days, you will notice that it does not “spoil” like real meat would. The same is true with commercially pasteurized milk. It does not sour naturally as a dairy product normally would; i.e. you can’t make cottage cheese from the sour milk. It’s best to stick to real food that is not packaged, processed, and treated.

Headline from

Cowboy Byte

“Would you rather sip on unpasteurized milk or a cold glass of soda? Do you prefer lunch at a fast-food joint or a farmers market?

“Regardless of your choices, your food freedom your right to grow, raise, produce, buy, sell, share, cook, eat, and drink the foods you want is under attack.”

Between the Lines

We’ve seen the nanny state in New York telling its citizens what size drink they can order at a restaurant. Look for the FDA to ban certain oils containing trans fats, an ingredient found in foods like coffee creamers and muffins.

Personally, I don’t eat most processed foods such as muffins and I don’t use the “coffee chalk,” but people should be able to make their own decisions. I don’t eat fried foods, but don’t want a law passed making them illegal.

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