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Band bridged the gap between bluegrass & browngrass

Band bridged the gap between bluegrass & browngrass

What’s La Vernia’s connection to a band that’s played in New York City and currently part of the SXSW lineup in Austin?

Bridging the geographical gap is 2001 La Vernia High School graduate, Jackson Ellis.

Formed in Austin in 2009, “Sour Bridges” is a “browngrass” band with a bluegrass sound, but includes drums. This five-piece group features tight vocal harmonies, clever and funny lyrics, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and acoustic guitar.

Jackson stage name Jack Bridges plays bass in the band, which comprises Bill Pucci on banjo and lead vocals, Matt Pucci on lead guitar and mandolin, Kat Wilkes of Amarillo on fiddle, and Dalton Chamblee on drums.

While living in Austin, Jackson and his roommate heard some stomping and music from upstairs, from the Pucci brothers’ apartment. Born in New York, the brothers grew up in Pennsylvania.

Fiddle player Kat Wilkes was “stolen” away from another band one night when the “Sour Bridges” members heard her play.

According to Jackson, their tight vocals were influenced by “The Beatles” and “The Byrds,” and their sound was influenced by Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie. Jackson said he always sang to the oldies as a kid in the car with his mom.

The band has toured as far away as New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, and Chicago. They performed to a soldout show in Long Island.

Small-town boy Jackson enjoys seeing the country as they tour. His least-favorite aspect of touring, he said, is “The 15-hour drives in a van.”

On one trip, they put 5,000 miles on the van.

“Sour Bridges” is performing during the SXSW (South by Southwest) music festival in Austin, doing 14 shows in 14 days. Their gigs include Stubbs BBQ in Austin.

After Austin, Jackson will bring the band to his hometown to perform at the Kicaster Country Store on Saturday, March 22. Mark your calendars and plan to enjoy their unique sound.

Listen to “Sour Bridges” on Spotify, iTunes, and soon, Pandora. Find the band on Facebook or visit their website, www.sourbridges.com.

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