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How Eagle Ford can still be a bust


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“Police confront parents for opting kids out of Common Core.

“According to a police officer, it was because ’they were considered to be potentially trespassing on school property because they were in opposition to the normal school process.’”

Between the Lines

While the “Common Core” program has been introduced in 44 states, the controversy has not subsided. In fact, it has grown.

Even those who enthusiastically endorsed it in the beginning are having doubts. With the 2014 elections coming soon, you can expect the debate to intensify as it gets political.

For instance, Sens. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul are vehemently opposed to it, while possible presidential contenders, Florida’s Jeb Bush and New Jersey’s Chris Christie, support it.

It was supposed to improve American students’ competitiveness in the global market, but many parents and, increasingly, teachers see problems with its teaching methods, particularly with math. Critics claim that it takes an easy math problem and makes it difficult. Even highly educated parents cannot understand the math and see it as hurting the learning process.

Some parents, thus, have opted out of Common Core for their children; hence the extreme reaction in Marietta, Ga., with police escorting parents who wanted to meet with school officials about Common Core. Apparently, Common Core is being actively promoted throughout Georgia.

It is something that all parents should pay attention to. Find out what your children are being taught and how the schools are using their resources. You may be surprised.

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“E-Cigarettes and second hand smoke: How the anti-tobacco lobby gets it wrong

“The fear of second hand smoke amongst those who have waged a legislative war on tobacco is one of the guiding principles behind these governmental prohibitions é .”

Between the lines

You do not “light up” an e-cigarette and there is no tobacco inside as with traditional cigarettes, yet some places want them banned. E-cigs do not leave messy ashes, nor do they leave a smoky haze that gets in the eyes, nose, and clothing of those nearby.

So what is the big deal about banning e-cigs from even outdoor parks and other public places? I guess you would have to ask the city leaders in Los Angeles. They are either just looking for more laws to pass, are busybodies consumed with other people’s business, or they are power hungry. Perhaps it is all three.

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“Labor shortage threatens to bust the shale boom

“Worker scarcities are already evident in the unemployment rates of Texas and Louisiana, both below the national average of 6.7 percent, é .”

Between the Lines

South Texas is in the middle of increased oil and gas production because of Eagle Ford shale, but there is a shortage of skilled employees.

Notice, this does not say a shortage of “college graduates,” although those are needed as well. What about welders, mechanics, electricians, and technicians and fabricators of all kinds? These do not require a four-year-college degree, but they do require training.

Texas educators should get on the bandwagon to offer such training programs, and the sooner, the better.

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