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Do French fries come from France?


Headline from

“é They’ve filed a class action against Chobani Yogurt, alleging false advertising. Among other claims, they argue Chobani has misled consumers by labeling its yogurt as “Greek” even though “[n]one of the Products sold in the U.S. are made in Greece or made by Greek nationalsé”

Between the Lines

Yes, there are laws against false advertising, but Chobani does not say Greek yogurt was made in Greece. Don’t mess with my yogurt! Greek yogurt by Chobani is my absolute favorite. I buy it for its quality and because it has more protein than does cottage cheese. I don’t buy it because I thought it was made in Greece.

But apparently there are some lawyers who think that people actually buy it because they want imported yogurt. Actually, I think some lawyers are just hoping to hit the jackpot by filing another class action lawsuit. While this kind of lawsuit may be a lucrative business for them, for us consumers, it increases the price we have to pay for products.

We would be better off if these do-gooders would quit trying to save us from ourselves. And quit trying to protect us from words that someone else thinks might be misinterpreted or offensive. If something is offensive, I can go elsewhere. If I think Washington Redskins is a racist team, I do not have to watch them. That’s how it works.

This lawsuit against Chobani claims that any “reasonable” consumer would assume that it comes from Greece. I beg to differ. I pray the judge finds the lawsuit unreasonable, because, if not, this would add unreasonable costs to our favorite yogurt.

I will believe that Greek yogurt is from Greece when I know that French fries are from France or English muffins are from England.

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“é Republicans in Congress have given up the pretense of doing anything to improve the lot of most Americans. é

“So, our nation turns to Starbucks. And Walmart. é those global corporate monoliths are poised to do more to affect the huge chasm between the rich and everybody else than anything that’s likely to come out of John Boehner’s House of Representatives. é”

Between the Lines

Uh-h-h, é Hello?

In his hit piece, “Corporate Daddy,” Timothy Egan appears to have just answered his own question.

He wants to know why Congress and Boehner will not act on the minimum wage issue or even take a vote on it. But then he goes on to say that private corporations are acting outside the realm of federal law and paying wages that work for their company.

What’s wrong with that? Walmart provides consumers with affordable products, jobs that pay above the required minimum wage, and provides $1 billion in cash and in-kind donations each year, according to its own records.

It should be clear that we don’t need Congress to pass more laws, and especially more laws about a minimum wage. The private sector, indeed, is “poised to do more” to affect our economy in a positive way than anything the federal government can do.

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