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Understanding the saving grace of Jesus


Hi! My name is Simon and I would like to tell you a little about my life. I could write a book, but will keep this to a short message.

I was always called a “zealot” because I stood strong for our country and for freedoms. That was my mission and I was very dedicated. But as I traveled around, seeking to build my hopes and dreams, I met a person that changed by life. As I was moving around my country I encountered Jesus of Nazareth and He invited me to travel with Him. What a joy! It was a pleasure and joy to listen to His beautiful sermons to the people. It was wonderful to see His healing of the people and the feeding of a huge crowd with only two fishes and five loaves. What a miracle!

And as we traveled and I listened to His messages about the Kingdom of God, I kept thinking, as He set up His kingdom, maybe I could serve in some important capacity; I could be a leader, a great leader in the Kingdom of God. How important would I be? And then one evening something happened that began to really change my life.

As we were having our evening of worship and Jesus was serving the bread and the wine, He was arrested! Our Jesus was arrested! Wow! All I could think of was that Jesus would declare His kingdom and we would be on to this Kingdom of God of which He had talked, preached, and now would lead! But alas, He quietly went on and did not declare the kingdom.

He was tried and convicted; again He did not declare the kingdom and then He was crucified! It was a terrible crucifixion. First he was beaten and beaten and then He was made to carry the cross and upon that cross He was hung! All the time I was waiting for Him to come forth and tell the people that He was the leader of the Kingdom of God and everything would be different under His leadership but He did not say anything. He died a cruel death and was buried and my heart was broken. How could I have been so wrong and understood His message so incorrectly?

And then on day three after Jesus’ death, He arose! Now I am really in a questioning mode! I had followed Him because He was going to create a kingdom that would be perfect and I would maybe be a leader, then He was arrested and killed and buried. That was the end of that, or at least I thought it was the end. But on day three He arose!

Upon seeing and hearing His message I knew that I had gotten everything wrong. He was not to be an earthly kingdom leader, but an eternal kingdom leader and all I wanted was to ask His forgiveness for misunderstanding His message and seeking always the desire to spread the message of His Kingdom and the saving grace of Jesus.

Won’t you join with me in living always for Jesus and spreading His message of love?

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