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No ’bless you,’ but what about ’gesundheit’?


Headline from

“High school senior Kendra Turner was suspended for saying ’Bless you’ when a fellow student sneezed in class. Not for saying ’God bless you,’ mind you, but simply ’Bless you.’”

Between the Lines

Media reports say that the teacher became “enraged” after a student used “godly” speech in her classroom. The teacher would have none of that! Kendra was sent to the principal’s office, but argued that it was a matter of freedom of speech and a First Amendment right as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Apparently there is no free speech at her school, and, as she did not even invoke the name of God, I hardly see how this was a matter of religious freedom. It’s a matter of common courtesy and common sense.

At any rate, I wonder if it would be OK to say “Gesundheit” instead of “bless you”? That leads to another question, though.

Why do we even feel compelled to “bless” someone who sneezes? For most folks, it is an inane, but almost automatic, response to a sneeze. It is not a deeply held religious ritual.

I don’t know why we say it, but I feel bad if I don’t say anything when someone sneezes like maybe I’m being rude?

I can think of a few four-letter words that students like to use, and I wonder what the teacher’s reaction to them might be?

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“US Customs & Border Protection agents confiscated their bagpipes. é [from] two New Hampshire teenagers having their bagpipes seized at the northern border by US Customs & Border Protection.”

Between the Lines

As Mark Steyn wrote, this was the same “border protection” agency that cannot stem the tide of illegal aliens flooding over our Southern border. Homeland Security can’t seem to figure out how to keep out the drug cartels, but they can inspect your bagpipes.

That was curious, because why would bagpipes be inspected anyway? A quick Google search shows that, apparently some bagpipes may have illegal ivory parts in them, so the U.S. Fish & Wildlife checks them when you cross the border. If the bagpipes pass inspection, they will issue a special certificate so you can go across the border, as these guys did for a music competition.

Of course, it’s much more complicated than just merely getting the certificate and proceeding to your destination, but you will have to read Mark Steyn’s explanation of this insane government policy.

Do ya feel safer now, knowing that all bagpipes entering the country will be inspected and that no illegal ivory will be allowed to cross the border?

Headline from

“Terrorism and Mexican cartels have Texas energy leaders worried.

“The Texas Railroad Commission members are expressing growing concerns about the state’s energy infrastructure being impacted by Mexican cartels and even the ISIS terrorist network.”

Between the Lines

Read previous paragraph to find out why the cartels and terrorists are gaining entry into our country. Our border “protectors” are too busy inspecting bagpipes.

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