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Dr. Carson speaks out (again)


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“People Rally at Ohio Wal-Mart Where Cops Shot Man”

Between the Lines

The story explains that a man had an unpackaged BB gun that he had picked up and carried from the toy department of the store. Another shopper saw the supposed weapon and called police to report a “man with a gun.”

Police rushed in and shot and killed the 22-year-old, who was talking on his cell phone while leaning on the toy gun, reportedly facing away from the police.

This sad story is wrong on so many levels. First, there is the public’s paranoia about guns that would cause another shopper to panic over a toy gun.

Second, it’s not clear if these police were equipped with riot gear complete with recycled military hardware, but many departments now are.

Third, people in the public cannot participate in society when they are texting or talking on cell phones. They are oblivious to life around them. This is a sad story that should never have happened.

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“Ben Carson says Ray Rice and wife need help”

Between the Lines

Ben Carson is the beloved (by many) retired neurosurgeon who, like President Obama, is black, but there the similarities end. Carson has no ties to radicals, rose to the top of his profession, and now speaks candidly about how America can heal itself.

Carson caught the public’s attention after he openly, but respectfully, criticized Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast last year.

Again being honest, Carson was critical of the way the NFL player Ray Rice is being demonized. Carson, of course, does not condone Rice’s behavior, but believes that demonizing him does not help.

Bad behavior, in this case abusing his girlfriend, deserves appropriate punishment, but there is no need to make an example of Rice just because he is an NFL player. Punish him, but get him the help he needs.

Carson recalls his own violent past when, as a teenager, he lashed out with a knife. He said that, but for a big belt buckle that his intended victim was wearing, he (Carson) might have ended up in jail instead of medical school.

Violence is not the answer, but I agree with Dr. Carson. Give punishment, but also provide help. Demonizing for the sake of headlines does not solve the problem.

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“Bad News for Somali Kidnappers: Cargo Ships Without Crews”

Between the Lines

Gary North suggests the possibility of crewless cargo ships as a way to increase efficiency, cut freight costs, and prevent kidnappings.

If ships had no crew, he writes, there would be no one to hold for ransom.

North recognizes, though, that the shipping crew guilds would object. Governments would argue about who would have control, collect licensing fees, and administer taxes.

Lest crewless ships appear to be too futuristic, look at the increased use of drones, both by the military and by civilians. If planes can fly without human crews, why can’t ships navigate without crews onboard?

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