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Offer prayers to God é without the ’claw marks’


I received an email of wise sayings sometime ago. One in particular was memorable: Too many people offer God prayers with claw marks all over them! We try to hold on to what we really want to rid ourselves of. Quite often when something is troubling me I will decide to just “give it to God.” Then a day or two later I find myself still trying to find a way to solve whatever was bothering me before.

Another wise saying comes to mind: Unless you can create the whole universe in five days, then perhaps giving advice to God isn’t such a good idea. So if we take those things back or continue to worry about how to fix them, aren’t we really just wanting to be in control? We’re just messing with God’s business. But isn’t it great that He knows how we are and loves us anyway? I’m trying to learn to lighten my load; I give Him things every day and if I take them back I just do it over again. Kinda like re-gifting, isn’t it? But it gets easier all the time to just leave them alone. Practice, practice, practice.

First Baptist Church is currently praying for direction in calling an interim pastor and eventually calling the pastor God has chosen and is even now preparing to lead us. Pastor Gale was much loved and definitely one of a kind but we know God brought him to us just as He will our new pastor, when the time is right.

In the meantime we are standing strong as a church family and are blessed with many shepherds who keep us together. And we are confident, as Paul said in Philippians 4:19; my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Have a great week and give God the glory!

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