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’Loving’ Mia, politics, and calories


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“I don’t want to get rid of student loans. I want to get rid of the federal government monopoly on student loans, and give our students more options.”

Between the Lines

Ludmya “Mia” Love is a former mayor in Utah, and is running for the 4th Congressional District on the Republican ticket against Democrat Doug Owens.

She’s attractive, articulate, and ambitious, and she has it right. Get the federal government out of the way. Let the states and free enterprise find answers.

Oh. And Mia is black.

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Facebook post

“Wendy will fight to expand Medicaid in Texas. Let’s fight for her.”

Between the Lines

Not sure I understand the logic here. How is this supposed to help the “uninsured” or the economy? Whether we taxpayers are paying for the insurance subsidies in the form of Obamacare, paying for Medicaid, or paying for emergency room care, it’s the same thing. Taxpayers still foot the bill for a lower quality medical care than we had when we could choose our own insurance, so who wins? Obamacare has not given us improved medical care, and it certainly has not improved the economy.

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“A new poll shows that Democrats are in serious trouble in November, and even NBC is admitting that the Democrats are on a collision course.

“Do you think the GOP will retake the Senate in November?”

Between the Lines

Republicans may very well regain control of the Senate, but the question is, what difference will it make? Democrats and Republicans play games. When Democrats held the presidency and a majority in both Houses, they did not pass immigration reform or any of the things they now blame on the Republicans.

When the Republicans have had the majority, they sat on their hands. Nothing changes.

We will see é

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“It is that time of year again when we look forward to gathering with family and friends to rejoice in the spirit of the holidays. The joys of the season are also filled with lots of wonderful food, seasonal goodies, and merriment that can result in a few extra pounds that wrap around your middle.”

Between the Lines

Oh, to be reminded of those dangerous pounds and all the tempting holiday food. From munchies to decadent desserts, the calories mount up, beginning with Halloween. And everybody seems to have advice on how to survive the holidays while gaining the fewest pounds.

One suggestion was to bring the leftover candies to the office, but for those of us at the office, that only adds to our problems! What we don’t eat at home, we’ll eat it at the office. Sorry, but that advice doesn’t seem to add up.

On the heels of Halloween comes Thanksgiving, and from then until Christmas and the New Year, the focus is on food. Not just any food, but the richer, the better. Every dish seems to have tons of cream, butter, chocolate and every other calorie-laden ingredient you can imagine.

Not to add to your stress level but I think I just did!

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