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Small hands offer big help

Small hands offer big help
PASCALLE BIPPERT This diminutive dynamic duo ...Briley Strey, 10, and her sister, Kinley, 9 ...are big on helping others. Their efforts at the New Berlin Sausage Festival raised more than $6,000, more than enough to help purchase a specialty tricycle for classmate Abigayle Fullenweider, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

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Age is no barrier to lending a helping hand.

Briley Strey, 10, and her sister, Kinley, 9, are no strangers to being kind to those in need. Their father, Kurt Strey, is the chief of the New Berlin Volunteer Fire Department.

“Daddy is the fire chief, so we are used to doing a lot of fund-raisers,” Briley said.

“We’re always helping,” Kinley added.

And they’ve been a big help recently to one of Briley’s classmates, Abigayle Fullenweider, who has cystic fibrosis. Abigayle needs a special tricycle ...called a Rifton tricycle for mobility, because she cannot walk. They’re very costly, because they’re customized to the needs of the user. The sisters decided they would try to raise funds for the Fullenweider family to buy the vehicle for Abigayle.

“It has like a big car seat on the front of the trike that will hold her while her mom rides the bike,” Briley explained. The trike required special measurements of Abigayle’s body and head, so it could be made-to-order for her. It has a special heavy-duty support for her head.

“The cycle will also be adaptable as Abigayle grows older,” said the girls’ mother, Barbara.

The annual New Berlin Sausage Festival was approaching, and the Strey family decided they would share Abigayle’s story at the Sept. 1 event, in hopes of raising funds for the tricycle. A family friend built a bench and donated it to the girls to auction off. Briley and Kinley also sold pickles and pickle ice. The bench sold for $1,300. However, due to add-ons and the sales of pickles and pickle ice, the dynamic duo raised $6,700 at the festival!

“One person paid $20 for a pickle!” Briley marveled.

With the money the girls donated to the Fullenweiders, the family placed an order for a Rifton tricycle for Abigayle. With the money they had left, the sisters decided to buy a ramp for Danielle Ellis, another friend who also has cystic fibrosis. The Strey sisters also are buying care packages for children in crisis through the fire department and gift cards for those in need.

In addition to their philanthropy, Briley and Kinley are very active in the New Berlin 4H Club and show rabbits at the Guadalupe County Fair. Both their bunnies have placed and sold. Briley also won sixth place in photography in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. The sisters have also done very well in baked goods competitions, winning reserve champion honors for their pumpkin muffins. The girls also play volleyball for the Intermediate Lady Bears team at Hill’s Gym in La Vernia.

Who inspired them to do this for their friends?

“We inspired ourselves,” Briley said.

“Help people other than yourself,” Kinley said.

“Do things for a good cause. Everything does not have to be about you,” Briley added.

What’s next for these selfless sisters?

“We’re thinking that we can get supplies and clothes for children who are in foster homes,” Kinley shared.

This part of the world seems to be in very good hands, even though those hands are very small.

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