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The promises of the Book of Psalms


The thunderstorm that came through last week at about 3 a.m. was a surprise, a welcome one, too. We so needed the rain. It was a little noisy for a short time and some of the lightening strikes seemed quite near. I like the safe and secure feeling inside my home when storms come. I even noticed that my dog didn’t get upset with all the noise and lightening, maybe he knew we didn’t have to be afraid.

One evening I was leafing through a book and it made me realize another reason I feel safe and secure. The book is Psalm 91, God’s Umbrella of Protection. The book points out all the promises in just this one Psalm. I especially like the one about giving his angels charge over me. That’s comforting to think about. Psalm 91 has many promises and verses; 15-16 contains six. My niece said when she was in Afghanistan with her National Guard unit they all recited this Psalm every morning. It must have brought them some feelings of security, too. If you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with Psalm 91, I hope you will read it and realize that if you have Christ in your life you have these same promises.

Adrian Rogers wrote, “God’s promises are not mottoes to hang on the wall, they are checks to take to the bank.” I think if you know this it would be fine to have them to hang on the wall as a reminder. Probably the best reminders come from spending time reading the word of God, the Bible. It is always time well spent.

Have a great week and give God the glory.

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