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Playing by the rules ... or not ...


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“New Public Policy Polling surveys of the battleground states both for this year’s Senate races and for the 2016 é find broad support for key economic issues like increasing the minimum wage, passing the Paycheck Fairness Act, allowing people to refinance student loans at lower rates, and avoiding cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

Between the Lines

Well, this year’s Senate races are history, and we know where those went. Who knows about 2016, but there are some issues that we can consider now, and, for most of them, neither party has an answer.

As far as Paycheck Fairness, we know that President Obama has said that he advocates paying women more so they can participate fairly in the workforce. By that he means, so that more women will be in the workforce and more children will be in the care of government-run daycare programs.

There are still some folks who think that parents are better at raising their own children than is the government, but admittedly, those numbers are dwindling.

Something should be done about student loans. Parents should stop encouraging their children to take out loans for college education. It’s too late now for generations of out-of-work college graduates who cannot find jobs, and will have to spend the rest of their lives paying off student loans.

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“’You can’t fire me -- I’m retiring with full taxpayer-funded benefits!’ appears to be the battle cry among the very few high officials held accountable for failure or corruption é.”

Between the Lines

This attitude is too often typical of higher-up career federal employees. They make their own rules and exempt themselves from laws that apply to the rest of us. There was the now-infamous IRS figure, Lois Lerner, who has escaped scrutiny and punishment, and it now appears that several VA officials involved in the secret waiting lists will be able to do the same thing. Instead of getting fired, they will retire with full benefits.

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“Some of the nation’s best-known lawyers and legal scholars will file a request in state district court Monday for a judge to dismiss felony charges against Gov. Rick Perry, saying the indictment against him is unconstitutional é .”

Between the Lines

Like Perry or not, fair is fair, and it appears that someone is playing political dirty tricks by filing a lawsuit against him for his actions during the course of conducting normal official business.

If we believe in the Constitution, then we should all be judged by the same set of rules. A bi-partisan contingent, including Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz, have joined in asking that the charges against Perry be dismissed. The Statesman reported that Michael McCrum, who is prosecuting the case against Perry, did not return phone calls.

This appears to be from the same playbook of dirty tricks used by liberals in past campaigns. If you don’t have a winning message, try to sabotage your opponent.

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