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Look for other shoe to drop in energy market


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“The Federal Communications Commission is racing to write rules that require Internet service providers to treat all Web traffic equally, and many expect the agency will follow President Barack Obama’s call to treat broadband service like a utility.”

Between the Lines

This is just another thing for consumers to watch as Obama wields his mighty pen. When the government tells us what we want to hear, we know to expect the opposite. Like, “If you like your doctor, you can keep him,” and “if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it.” We are learning otherwise.

So when we are told that “all will be equal,” we are apprehensive. Treating the Internet like a utility would only mean more government intrusion and burdensome new regulations.

Say no to more government control to the Internet.

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“’We’re pleased that in Texas 379,525 people signed up for Marketplace coverage during the first month of open enrollment. The vast majority were able to lower their costs even further by getting tax credits,’ HHS Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell said.”

Between the Lines

About 86 percent of those Texans signing up are getting subsidies or other financial assistance, so why wouldn’t they sign up? Someone else is paying the premium, or a good portion of it. What is to celebrate about that? It’s just more income redistribution.

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“USA Today analyzed deductibles offered in 37 states through the federal health insurance exchange and found that location strongly affected prices and variety.”

Between the Lines

Too many families are finding that the minimum deductible now available to them has increased dramatically. Some have $5,000 deductibles, and in many cases, the premiums also have increased. As we enter 2015, expect more surprises from Obamacare. We are just beginning to learn about all the little twists and turns.

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“It only took six years, but we’re finally starting to see the U.S. economy kick into gear.”

Between the Lines

As this Washington Times story points out, the growth is not from the government, but in spite of the government. After struggling for several years with growing government intervention and increased regulation, the private economy is beginning to advance over the hurdles imposed by this government interference.

After very sluggish “growth” of about 2 percent, the last quarter shows a whopping 5 percent growth. Something must be going right. Big business began to invest more, and consumer confidence was up a bit.

Unfortunately, a lot of the increased growth was spurred on by the cheaper energy prices. But that is a conundrum.

The cost of energy is not being dictated by the U.S. market, but by OPEC, and OPEC is not doing this to spur on the U.S. economy. OPEC is advancing its own interests.

If OPEC does manage to break the back on American energy-producing companies, we would be right where they want us: Depending on foreign oil. Not a good thing for us in the long run.

As for the cheaper prices at the pump, just enjoy them while they last, but then expect the other shoe to drop.

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