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He leads the country as a standup comedian


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“President Obama welcomes 2014 NBA champions San Antonio Spurs to the White House, honoring the team for winning their Championship title.”

Between the Lines

Kudos to the San Antonio Spurs on their well-deserved national championship. It is only fitting that be honored by a visit to the White House.

However, this came only a day after Obama chose to skip an international gathering of 3.7 million people who gathered in Paris to stand together against terrorists. The demonstration also attracted more than 40 world leaders; President Obama was not among them. Nor was John Kerry; or Joe Biden; or Eric Holder, who happened to be elsewhere in Paris that day. The U.S. Ambassador to France attended.

While Paris was figuratively burning with attacks by terrorists, Obama was doing who knows what. Many speculate that he was watching the NFL playoffs; official sources could not say otherwise.

So it’s fitting that he would take time Monday to recognize the NBA champs. Calling the Spurs “old,” he quipped about the appropriate colors of black and silver. Yes, this is what our president does best: Appear in front of a camera and crack jokes like a stand-up comedian. How can we expect him to stand up as a world leader?

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“House passes 40 hour work week bill as Obama-care fight enters new phase on Capitol Hill”

Between the Lines

In what he called the “opening salvo” in the Obamacare fight, Sean Lengell wrote that the House bill seeking to revoke a provision in the Affordable Care Act sets a 30-hour work week as the threshold for mandating employer-paid health insurance.

This bill would change the mandated workweek to 40 hours before Obamacare kicks in. Critics complain that this gives license to businesses to legally deny insurance to employees working fewer than 40 hours a week.

Ciritics point out that the bill would “reduce the number of people receiving insurance through their employers,” but it might also encourage employers to allow some employees to work an extra day a week. I know many employees who are held to 30 hours a week because of this 30-hour threshold.

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“’None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad,’ an Associated Press spokesman said, according to the Daily Beast. ’It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.’”

Between the Lines

Uh, yes. That would explain why the AP proudly displayed images of a despicable “work of art” showing the crucifix standing in a jar of liquid, which I will not name.

The AP promptly removed the image of the crucifix from their site last week only after the hypocrisy was reported by Timothy P. Carney and others.

It has become apparent that the Associated Press will not offend Islamists but to hell with Christians.

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