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Wishing you a meaningful Lenten Season


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“Amid the media flap over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker saying he doesn’t know if President Barack Obama loves America é, Walker was apparently grilled again regarding his position on Obama’s beliefs.”

Between the Lines

A “fed up” Scott Walker says this is one reason why people dislike the press.

I agree!

The media flap arose following comments made by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a speech in which he said that it was his personal feeling that President Barack Obama does not love America the way you and I love our country. He wasn’t brought up that way, Giuliani told a group of Republicans.

His comments have been in the headlines ever since, as other politicians eagerly jumped into the fray, weighing in on whether or not they thought Obama loved America and why or why not.

We don’t know if Obama loves this country, or if he is a Christian. No one knows what’s in his heart. Overt acts such as attending church or pronouncing one’s own Christianity is not what makes one Christian. It’s what’s in your heart that is the real determination about whether one is Christian.

Thus, Walker is correct. We cannot know and besides, what does it matter in the larger scheme of things what is in Obama’s heart. Further, it is immaterial how any presidential candidate weighs in on the subject. The fact that the press continues to push the story, indeed, says a lot about the press. This is a convenient distraction from real news.

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“’To me, this is a classic example of why people hate Washington and, increasingly, they dislike the press,’ he [Walker] said. ’The things they care about don’t even remotely come close to what you’re asking about.’“

Between the Lines

I believe Scott Walker sums things up pretty well: “Who cares?”

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“é Giuliani said Friday that his office has gotten some death threats following his statements earlier this week accusing President Barack Obama of not loving America, but he’s not backing down é .”

Between the Lines

Making death threats against someone with whom you disagree is certainly not the Christian way of showing disagreement. Despite all the fracas, Giuliani has not backed down. He has been asked repeatedly if he wanted to apologize.

He did not apologize, but, instead restated his opinion. He owes no one an apology for stating his opinion, however politically incorrect it may be.

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“Giving something up for Lent is only one part of a larger call to engage our faith more fully and more devoutly during the 40 days of Lent: that call is a call to prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Or, to put it another way, to lift up, to give up, and to take up.”

Between the Lines

Too many of us who try to stick to “giving up” something for Lent seem to forget that giving up is only part of the equation. It is likely the easy part.

The hardest part may be actually giving of oneself with kindness and charity to others.

May you have a meaningful Lenten Season.

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