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Take precautions before starting the fire


Several years ago one of my neighbors called me one day in a panic. She just said, “get up here I’ve got a fire.” It was a little windy that day and knowing my friend always used a little gasoline to start the fire when she burned trash in her burn barrel, I was concerned. It had been sort of dry at the time. I hurried out to my car and looked above the tree line for smoke but didn’t see much as I was driving out. When I got there I saw there was indeed a little fire and there was my friend in her housecoat with a shovel. I knew what she wanted to do and only had to watch a second to figure out she had a sharpshooter shovel sticking it straight into the ground and pulling it right straight out, picking up no sand to throw on the flames.

She threw the shovel aside and said, “this thing doesn’t work.” Then told me she’d sent her daughter into the house to get some water to throw on the fire. I picked up the shovel and began to scoop up some sand and smother the larger area of flames. And then I looked up to see the daughter hurrying toward us with a pan of water. A small pan, maybe quart size. Suddenly this all seemed hilarious to me and I couldn’t hold in the laughter. We did manage to get all the flames smothered and covered the barrel so no wind could scatter more sparks. It was a while before my friend saw any humor in the whole event, and she probably was more than a little miffed at me for a few days. But I still laugh when I remember that day.

I guess the moral of this story would be: if you’re going to start something that has potential to get out of control, be sure you know how to utilize what it will take to contain it.

First Baptist of La Vernia has plans to start something in a few months. We’re planning carefully and we hope to see growth that will make us work to contain it. We invite you to visit with us and help to spark this endeavor and fan the fire so to speak. There will be no shovels or water to throw but handshakes, hugs, and laughter are always offered.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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