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A morning cuppa joe in silence


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“Kerry: Manmade Global Warming is an Elementary Truth Like Gravity”

Between the Lines

The dictionary defines gravity as the force that attracts a body or object toward the center of the earth. You know, every time you drop something, it falls to the ground, as gravity pulls it toward the earth. It is a truth that Sir Isaac Newton discovered in the 1600s, and it has been taught as a fact ever since. And it can be proven; a body of mass does not float when it is dropped in the air.

That is not quite the same thing as manmade global warming. In fact, the theory of global warming changes every decade or so. I’m old enough to remember the schoolteachers telling us about the coming ice age. For a number of years, they taught that the earth was becoming cooler and that we might all freeze to death. The coming Ice Age made the cover of numerous magazines.

Then it changed to global warming, and we were told that we were all going to melt. When the warming trend seemed to be reversing itself, the name was changed again, now to “climate change.”

Any drastic weather event now is attributed to climate change. There are periods when the earth cools or warms ever so slightly, but to insist it is all caused by humans is a bit presumptuous. Human activity could not have caused previous changes in the earth’s atmosphere. What caused dinosaurs to become extinct, for instance?

Manmade global warming is a mixture of politics, economics, and power. é Follow the money. That John Kerry would issue such a broad statement about global warming is a bit elementary, and quite presumptuous. Perhaps he should stick to what he knows best, and what he knows best might be catsup!

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“Too wet conditions create risk issues for Texas farmers.”

Between the Lines

For the past several years, Texans have experienced drought conditions. It’s been too dry to grow grass for livestock or to grow crops to sell. Without a means to produce, farmers cannot make a living.

This winter has been wet, so that farmers are worried that fields cannot be planted. It almost makes it seem as though farmers are never happy. It is either too dry or too wet, but the issue is real. For a farmer, weather is not a subject to be taken lightly.

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“Leave it to a liberal to spoil a good cup of coffee

“Starting a conversation about race in a Starbucks at 8 a.m. is perhaps the ultimate wake-up call, é .”

Between the Lines

Much of the fallout from Starbucks’ attempt at promoting their brand of social issues and “starting conversations” with customers has been negative. I, for one, enjoy my first cuppa joe in silence. I don’t want someone picking my brain about race or any other social issues.

If I go to Starbucks, it is for a brief respite from such problems. Leave me alone with my coffee, thank you.

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