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Living life by the scriptures


A few weeks ago I wrote an article that was titled, “What would your scripture look like?” I began the article with the following: As I was reading my devotions for the day, an interesting question was in one of them, “Our lives may be the only Bible some people read.” This certainly stood out and made me think about my witness and how I can make a difference in the people that I meet each day, with the people I encounter daily or occasionally. How can we witness for Christ in every area of our lives?

I received several comments on this thought and I would like to share them with you.

KMN said, “Hope my version of the Word of God is pleasing to my Lord and will bring others to know Him as I do.”

“That would make a good graduation inspirational speech to provide motivation toward having the mind of Christ as we walk the market place and in our homes and communities. Good thoughts.” (Ray)

KM said, “love it é I always try to show I am a Christian by trying to be what Jesus wants me to be to my fellow man é Thanks for being my friend and such a great reminder to me how I should be a witness.”

Another comment made by DR said, “That question is on my mind often. Am I a good witness? I try to be. I read my Bible, pray, and try to do what it says. The love of God needs to shine through us! Be helpful in any way we can, kindness, compassionate. The gift of Jesus is priceless and everlasting!”

There are many, many translations of the Bible. There is the King James Version, the Living Version, the NIV Version, and there is the _______version (insert your name). From this, I received the following comment,

“I love your analogy insert your name. AM’s version of the gospel. Such a good reminder.”

Let’s glow for Christ each day, remembering that we are a version of the Bible and we want always to witness of His love, His tenderness, His saving grace.

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