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Fond memories of VBS


Hearing about the need for workers for Vacation Bible School (VBS) recently brought to mind those years my sister and I spent some of the summer with our great-grandmother in Kansas. Grandma, whose name was Ora Etta Cylinda Tredway, always took us to VBS. While she worked preparing and passing out the snacks we enjoyed all the fun games and learning about Jesus. There were no themes but learning was fun and we got to play some fun games outside. How different it is now. The one constant though has been teaching from the scriptures and making it fun. The planning is happening already and those who volunteer to help are always looking for more workers. I’m sure there are lots of young people who have fond memories from their VBS years.

Our annual church picnic is this Sunday, we were asked not to come to church. Instead we are to go to the City Park. This is always a fun time. We have a service under the pavilion, followed by lunch and then softball and horseshoes for adults and teens. Of course there are the water slides and balloon bounce for the younger ones. Church can be fun.

When I went to church with Grandma Etta it was serious business. The service was very structured and you sang every hymn or you may be in trouble. You sat in the pew with an adult and didn’t wiggle or squirm and you certainly didn’t make any noise. But I still loved going.

Church today is very different as far as order of service but the one constant is God’s Word is still heard. People still congregate on Sunday mornings; friendships are developed, and there times of great fun. It’s like family, helping each other, sharing the good times, and encouraging each other in the hard times. Sharing the love of Christ is still serious business. But it sure is nice to mix in a little fun. We would love to share all of this with you.

Have a great week and give God the glory.

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