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Lost in the ’busyness’ of everyday


Do I have time?

What do my priorities say about my faith, my relationship with you?

It was a busy day at work I was under pressure to accomplish tasks, complete my part in some projects, move things into other hands. Into this pressure cooker came a friend, unannounced, bringing more work!

I explained probably brusquely that I was swamped, we were flat out, I didn’t have much time. Speaking softly, he explained his visit which was to share a story and some information. He apologized for any imposition, and waited patiently while I completed filing the information and photos he’d painstakingly put together. We visited, albeit briefly, and he took his leave, never raising his voice or indicating my “busyness” and preoccupation with the plethora of things to do caused him any offense. I was less cordial than I could, or should, have been.

And then there was the phone call, from someone dear, who had finally remembered something she wanted to share in a phone conversation from the day before. Again, I was “busy,” didn’t have much time. Make it quick, I urged. And she did, and said she wouldn’t keep me, hoped I would have a good day.

Reflecting on these things, I’m ashamed. Yes, my days are busy and my work demanding. But there should always be time I should always take time to let others know they are important to me.

And it occurs to me to think: This is how I treat you, Lord, at times. You reach out in many ways the soft beauty of the dawn, the “I love you” from my kids over their shoulders as they run for the bus, a hug from a friend, rain falling after months of prayer, a beautiful Bible verse on a friend’s Facebook page, the lilt of a hymn in church. Softly, you offer your presence, you invite me to stop and spend a few moments, growing our relationship.

Yet I am Martha, scurrying around, serving, doing, while Mary sits at your feet and soaks in the wonder of your love, takes to heart your words, immerses herself in prayer, in the moment.

But I’m “too busy” for five minutes of prayer. “Too busy” for time to reflect on your great love and sacrifice. So busy that I miss the sadness behind a friend’s half-hearted smile when I see her while grocery shopping. Too busy to see the needs around me, or the opportunities to offer a smile, to be your presence to someone else. Too busy to sit and read your beautiful love letters to experience and grow in your love through your Word, too busy to quietly reflect on why I’m always “too busy.”

Today, I hear your words, and I am reminded to breathe, to rest in your presence, to be. I hear you call my name, as you called Martha’s so long ago:

“é you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her” (Luke 10:42).

Forgive our busyness, Lord. Help us find our rest in you.

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