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Let’s pick up our own trash


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“Builders Flood Congress to Block Obama’s Bid to Regulate Creeks”

Between the Lines

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been expanding its powerful reach for years, but under President Barack Obama’s plan, its expansion has accelerated.

Woe to you, if you or anyone wants to dig a ditch on your own property or perhaps put in a little fishpond. The EPA will be breathing down your neck.

Living as we do in South Texas, we are accustomed to going from one drought to the next. A few years ago, however, we were having an unusually wet year. Driving down a farm to market road, I noticed a couple of areas that were under water for weeks at a time. I recall joking that I hoped the EPA did not declare this area (that was previously a desert), a wetland.

Seems like the joke is on us. If the EPA decides that a little pond or stream has “significant nexus” to a navigable waterway, “even if the smaller body of water flows just a few weeks a year,” the EPA wants to take over.

May saner heads prevail in Congress, as it considers reigning in the powers of the expansionist agency.

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“AUSTIN -- Showing how even the smallest trash can add up to a very big mess, é .”

Between the Lines

The Texas Department of Transportation is expanding its “Don’t mess with Texas” anti-litter campaign. According to TxDOT, if folks would just pick up their own trash, the state could save millions of dollars.

Exactly. And here in Wilson County, Judge Dickie Jackson is doing just that by reviving the Wilson County Beautification Association. The 501c(3) organization has been inactive, so he recently has called together a core group with the objective of again becoming an active organization.

Anyone interested in becoming part of this effort is invited to an organizational meeting Thursday, May 14, at 6 p.m. in the Wilson County Commissioners Courtroom. A board of directors will be established and go from there.

An effort has already begun with the “Keep La Vernia Beautiful” campaign. The group has sponsored “clean up” days and is looking for other ways to involve the community. Perhaps by joining with the county effort, we can all work together to police our own trash and keep our roadways attractive.

For its part, the La Vernia News is passing out free car litterbags so drivers will have no excuse for tossing out the used Kleenex or the candy wrappers. Stop by our office and pick up yours today.

Let’s all do our part to clean up our own backyard!

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“Only the rule of law can save Baltimore”

Between the Lines

Unrest continues in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man, who died after being arrested.

What began as a peaceful protest turned ugly, as fires were set and bricks hurled at police who were trying to maintain calm.

This is not the first time that we’ve seen riots in this country, but they seem to be getting worse. We can only look to our leadership if this is to change.

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