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Baptist service focuses on outreach


Sunday was an interesting and different kind of day at First Baptist. We heard a great report on the recent prison ministry our team attended. Stories of children having a day with their dads who are in prison, a day of talking, playing games, and having a meal with them, hugging them, some for the first time. There were very few eyes that didn’t well up with tears as we listened. You couldn’t help but realize that this was a very special time that the children, as well as their fathers, would remember all their lives. As will the workers who made it possible. They were definitely an extension of the hands of Christ that day at prison.

During the service we sang a song that seemed to speak to us in a special way and it seemed right on cue when at the end of the song there was a loud clap of thunder. As the service was coming to an end the youngest children’s choir came to sing two songs for us. They can put a smile on every face in the pews. And it was a lights out performance, literally. The electricity went off, and we finished the service in the light furnished by rainy skies and cell phone flashlights.

I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the rain as umbrellas escorted people over to the fellowship hall for Sunday school classes. It had been too good a morning in the Lord’s house to let rain dampen our spirits. And we all know we will be thankful for what rain we have now in a month or so. Second service had to be cancelled because of the lack of electricity but I can assure you we had been visited by our power source that morning.

It’s great to belong to a church with people who actively serve in mission ministries. It’s easy to support missions by giving, just slip a bill or check into an envelope. But when you give your time and put your hands and heart into it the rewards have to be much greater. I applaud their work and hearts. There is a place for each of us to serve in outreach or missions. I hope you have found your slot. Have a great week and give God the glory!

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