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Texans shine in the face of devastation


Headline from

Sen. John Cornyn

“I know the people of Texas will continue to help their neighbors across the state during their time of need and ensure that each affected community will make the fullest and fastest recovery possible.”

Between the Lines

Some people lost everything in the floods that began Memorial Day weekend, but behavior among Texans has been civilized. Strangers helped rescue strangers and first responders worked feverishly to pull people to safety.

In fact, with all the stories about the devastating floods, it occurs to me that I don’t recall seeing a single report about looting, no stories about people smashing windows and tearing up stores, stealing merchandise, or other riotous behavior.

Instead, there have been numerous reports of people in communities all across Texas organizing collection drives to benefit flood victims. Donations continue to pour in, even as retrieval efforts continue for missing persons. Communities are rebuilding; the spirit is strong.

It’s good to live in a “red” state.

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“Obama Warns About Global Warming-Induced Extreme Weather; No Major Hurricane in Almost a Decade.”

Between the Lines

Some Obama supporters such as Al Sharpton, aka “The Reverend,” were quick to jump on the bandwagon and blame the floods on “God’s rebuke” to climate change deniers such as Sen. Ted Cruz.

Let’s face it, not all scientists are on board with climate change being caused by man. And let’s face it, there is much that science has yet to discover. For instance, this year, they admit that they can’t explain the recent slowing of global warming amidst ever-higher carbon emissions.

They are also puzzled by the lack of major hurricanes. The article pointed out that some of their presuppositions about weather predictions and climate change have been wrong. Too often, wrote Philip Hodges, they reach a conclusion and work backwards to try and find a solution and justify their predetermined conclusion.

This is similar to how some city councils make their budgets. Instead of working with funds available, they develop a wish list and work backwards to determine what they can spend where.

This is not the way science or the government should work.

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“Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide.”

Between the Lines

The rhetoric about police brutality and ineptness as perpetuated by President Barack Obama continues as police are criticized.

The Washington Post story gave the example of police who “gunned down” a teen joyriding in a stolen car, a “gun-wielding moonshiner,” and an elderly man who “answered the door with a gun.”

Meanwhile in Baltimore, where police refrained from using force while rioters destroyed property, the murder rate is increasing at an alarming rate. There were more murders in the month of May than any time in the past four decades.

The killings continue, with another murder victim reported on June 1.

If police are to do their jobs, they sometimes have to use force against the bad guys. Killings are unfortunate, but either we allow the police to do their jobs and protect the innocent or allow this country to break down into anarchy.

We can’t have it both ways.

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