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Many are the gifts


You admire her curls, the wave of his hair.

They are a gift from The Man Upstairs.

You can handle a bat or play volleyball?

Abilities given by the Lord of all.

He’s fluent in German, French and Chinese --

Our loving Creator’s gifts are these.

The dancer’s flair, the artist’s eye

Are talents bestowed by the Lord on high.

A head for numbers, a science whiz?

A gift to you from the One Who Is.

That melodic voice, the musician’s ear,

Gifts from our God who brought us here.

Our height, our stature, all we are

Blessings from the One who made the stars.

Athletic prowess, fortune, fame --

Given by God, who calls each by name.

All glory be Yours, the Author of all,

Almighty One, Creator and King,

Whose mercy gives us everything --

From the sun at the dawning to the very air.

Your love is what places us where

You desire us to be to accomplish your will.

And your love keeps us and guides us until

You bring us Home to know your embrace,

And behold the love shining in Your face.

Drama Kids
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