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EPA, presidential race, and fathers


Headline from DailyCaller.com

“President Barack Obama is preparing to unleash a series of ‘executive actions’ aimed at boosting the green energy industry as part of the president’s global warming agenda.”

Between the Lines

He is setting up a “Clean Energy Impact Investment Center” within the Energy Department to make information about energy programs easier to understand.

Hm-m-m. When have you seen a government program that made something easier to understand? This reminds me of one of Ronald Reagan’s warnings. When you hear “I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help,” you should be terrified!

The White House is looking for ways to help small businesses go green. That brings to mind Solyndra. Anybody recall that Silicon Valley startup that left taxpayers on the hook for $535 million?

This administration also dished out $3.5 billion for green energy investments. To what avail?

Headline from FoxNation.com

“A Florida sheriff is facing outrage after he delivered a Sunday morning sermon while wearing his uniform.”

Between the Lines

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd is accused of breaking the law by giving a sermon in a Baptist church. He stands accused of “promoting the church and its religious views.”

His accusers claim that as an “officer of the government,” he is bound by the Establishment Clause, and cannot promote his personal religious choices. So, he was wrong to wear his uniform?

What about all the times that the Clintons and the Obamas made guest appearances at the pulpit? They did not wear uniforms, but their public status was recognized all the same. This seems to be just another attempt by a left-wing group to censor conservative speech.

Headline from UPI.com

“‘Meet the Press’ shamelessly tries to bait Mike Huckabee on Confederate flag.”

Between the Lines

While I’m not leaning toward supporting Huckabee in the Republican presidential race, I must say his handling of a question about the Confederate flag is to be admired. He did not take the bait. If only the other candidates could be as adept at answering such questions from the media.

I heard the clip on the radio when Huckabee said that he would not be drawn into a discussion about flags, as it had no place in a presidential race.

If only other candidates could be so adept at responding to irrelevant questions. Huckabee said candidates should be focused on the economy and the security of this country. Those are issues relevant to the presidency.

Headline from LastResistance.com

“George W. Bush wins Father of the Year, following in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps.”

Between the Lines

The award for “Father of the Year” was given to former President George W. Bush during the 74th Annual Father of the Year Awards luncheon in New York City.

His daughter Barbara made the announcement, and in his acceptance, Bush gave a moving tribute to his own father, former President George H.W. Bush.

Some might conclude that being named “Father of the Year” more than makes up for not having won a Nobel Prize.

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