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Brace for higher school-tax bills

Brace for higher school-tax bills

According to information presented by the La Vernia Independent School District, taxpayers here can expect to see an average increase of $164.59 in their tax bill. This will help to support the district’s 2015-16 budget, which was adopted June 25. The new fiscal year began July 1.

Tax-rate numbers are preliminary, as appraisal districts in Wilson and Guadalupe County are not set to certify their tax rolls before July 25. However, indications are that the current ad valorem tax rate of $1.38 per $100 of taxable value will remain. The rate, according to La Vernia ISD’s Chief Financial Officer Kati Burke during a presentation at the meeting, includes $1.04 for maintenance and operations, with the remaining 34 cents being applied to debt service.

It is projected that the average taxable value of a residence in the district has increased more than 7 percent to $181,264. Therefore, property owners will pay an average school-tax bill of $2,501.44 to support the budget.

Last year, when the average residence had a taxable value of $169,337, the average tax bill was $2,336.85.

Following a public hearing at the beginning of the meeting, the board approved a balanced budget for the upcoming school year. The general fund portion totals $25,008,640 of which almost 81 percent, $20,232,822 is allocated for payroll expenses.

The school-nutrition portion of the budget is balanced at $1,335,184.

The board will meet in August to adopt its tax rate.

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