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A tale of Hope ...and love

A tale of Hope  ...and love
When Hope was found April 24, she was paralyzed after having been shot; a pellet was lodged near her spine. She was rescued and fostered by Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals, Inc.

This is a story of hope. And it is Hope’s story.

The La Vernia News Pet Parade contest is all about warm fuzzies.

Community members get to share their favorite pets with readers, and the proceeds from voting benefit a local organization this year, the Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals Inc., an animal rescue and foster organization.

Hope was among the group’s rescues; a number of them were featured in the Pet Parade. That’s the beginning of this tale, which has a tail-wagging end.

According to volunteers with the Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals Inc., Hope was found April 24 on C.R. 154 in Wilson County. A Good Samaritan noticed her rear legs in an abnormal position and stopped to take a look, and realized the poor puppy was paralyzed. She was taken to Animal Crossing Veterinary Hospital for evaluation, where an x-ray showed a pellet lodged in her spine.

Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals took her in as a long-term foster and sought the advice from a specialist in San Antonio. The prognosis was that her paralysis was chronic and permanent; surgery would not change that and could be harmful.

The volunteers decided not to have the pellet removed and do everything they could to give her the best life possible. More than $3,000 was raised for Hope’s care, said Cody Brewton with Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals.

“I’m so grateful our group decided to try so hard for her!” Brewton said.

A set of wheels was made for Hope to help her get around; she began to thrive. With physical therapy, love, and security, Hope had the confidence to try to walk. It started with standing. Then she was able to use all four legs with the help of her wheels.

When Wilson County, TX Lost & Found volunteers attended the La Vernia News open house in May, Hope was among the pets in attendance.

She responded to the love and affection shown by all, excited by the response, especially from children attending. Before the event was over, Hope had taken steps without her wheels!

Now she walks completely on her own, said Kristal Fowler, who was fostering Hope and recently adopted the lovable little dog. She is wobbly and falls down, Kristal said, but she picks herself back up and tries again.

A recent veterinarian visit revealed more pellets in Hope’s spine, Brewton said, but the vet was very excited at how much movement she’s regained in her legs.

“She’s our little miracle,” Brewton said. “You can do anything with love!”

A total of $1,610 was raised by voting in the Pet Parade contest and presented to Wilson County, TX Lost & Found Animals Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization; donations are welcome. Find them on Facebook.

Pet Parade prizes

In addition to bragging rights, the winners of the La Vernia News Pet Parade have received great prize packages:

¢First place, Jase and Salina, owned by Briana Dominguez: $79 value candle basket from Wicks Studio, $50 County Line Animal Hospital gift certificate, $30 Clip-n-Tails gift certificate, and $15 Mesquite Bean gift certificate

¢Second place, Duncan and Dory, Melissa Bridges: $30 Mom’s Pet Salon gift certificate, $25 Clip-n-Tails gift certificate, a choice of a décor item from Generations, and $10 Bear Wash gift card

¢Third place, Jan Smith’s Lola: $20 Clip-n-Tails gift certificate, $10 Bear Wash gift card, and large bag of dog treats from Jupe Mills.

Jase and Salina, as the winners, also will be featured in a coming issue of the La Vernia News!

Today at the LV News Grand Re-opening, Hope showed off for the crowd on her wheels. And she did it again when she got home.

Posted by Wilson County TX Lost and Found Animals on Thursday, May 21, 2015

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