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Through grace, there is enough


(Revised 7/30/15) Mass this past Sunday at 9:30 a.m. was full. It’s probably the service the most attended of our weekend services, but all services dwindle in the summer months, as folks go on vacation or, heaven forfend I say it give up their regular “routine,” which also includes church.

But Sunday saw a full sanctuary, as we celebrated the feast of St. Ann, for whom our parish is named. St. Ann is the mother of Mary, making her the grandmother of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Honoring the gift of life inherent in all women, the Rev. Stanislaw “Father Stan” Fiuk, our pastor, blessed the grandmothers and mothers present.

It was a beautiful celebration of our parish.

St. Ann Catholic Church became a parish no longer a mission of a nearby parish in 1965. Sunday’s Mass was the first of a number of events to celebrate our parish’s golden jubilee, 50 years of serving the community. In these five decades, the parish has outgrown its original buildings, cultivated the faith in countless hearts, witnessed the marriages of myriad couples, and helped many grow in God’s love and grace.

But it would not be so, had the faithful not heeded God’s call to step out in faith, to grow the fledgling church beyond its humble beginnings.

And Father Stan’s sermon underlined that call to serve, to offer whatever we have, whatever we are, even when we don’t think we have or are enough.

Sunday’s Gospel reading was familiar to all. Who among us doesn’t know the tale from St. John, 6:1-15, of the miracle of the loaves and fishes?

There they all are, after gathering to hear Jesus preach thousands gathered, hungering for His words, His presence, His miracles, but hungry also for food.

Jesus knows what they need.

But it takes one boy, with his humble day’s food, to make it happen.

All are fed. No one goes away hungry on any count.

In feeding their bodies, Jesus also feeds our souls, and inspires our minds and hearts.

The boy knew he couldn’t feed everyone. In faith, he offered what he had.

Whatever we have, it is enough. We are enough.

Father Stan reminded us: When we bring our hearts, our minds, our gifts, possessions, our lives to God, it is enough. When we bring our “craziness,” God can use that, too. If we bring only empty hands, He can use them for His purpose.

We may see our brokenness. We may see lack. We may not see much of anything. We don’t know what, or how, or if we or what we offer ...have purpose or use.

But whatever we have, whatever we are, whatever we offer, it is enough.

Blessed by grace, in His hands, it is enough. We are enough.

Bring your hands, your heart, your life, and celebrate 50 years of serving our Lord in La Vernia with the parish of St. Ann’s.

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