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Amidst change, God remains the same


I read something this past week that caused me to think about where we, as a people, are in this day and age. I can remember when my great-grandmother got electricity and running water inside her house. And next came the bathroom added on at the back of the house, and you didn’t have to go outside to get to the door. Then I reminded myself that none of the kids the age I was then ever had to endure the path to the outhouse or the baths in the old washtub.

It’s so different now. My parents never had brand new furniture until I was a teen. Today young couples often start out with a new home and furniture. That too is different. I can’t say I’m sorry for all these differences. It certainly is more convenient, not to mention the comfort factor. I can’t help but wonder how we would adapt if there were a sudden reversal to all the differences. It’s always easier to adapt to a new way of doing things than to return to the old ways.

So everything is different now but nothing has really changed. We still have only one life to live, it may be longer than in the past. As far as technology has brought us we still have only one life. Think about it, next we’ll have driverless cars. I find that scary.

I cling to the one unchanging fact, God is still God. I want Him to always be in my life and if I need to change, it’s up to Him to show me. Speaking of change, there are changes taking place at First Baptist Church in our worship times and Sunday school times, which are now called Small Groups. I’m adapting. So the more things are different, the more they stay the same. We still meet to worship and learn about the same God, who never changes.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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