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Trees falling, doctors against ACA, and Michael Brown


Headline from S. A. Express-News

“Large tree limb falls on picnickers in New Braunfels near Comal River”

Between the Lines

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the Comal River incident, but trees seem to be falling in alarming numbers.

A tree fell on a house in Charlotte, N.C., and almost hit the homeowner, and a man in Hattiesburg, MS., is left homeless after a tree fell on his house.

Not to make light of a tree episode, but there seems to be an epidemic of trees falling.

A friend in San Antonio lost part of her garage roof to a tree falling, likely from a combination of drought, followed by unusual rains in May, and another two months of drought. That’s enough to stress any tree.

If you need help with a tree in distress, you can call a professional. Better safe than sorry. Wilson County Tree Service has been doing business in the La Vernia area and would be a good place to start. See their ad in the Services Directory.

Headline from S. A. Express-News/AP

“Clinton and Trump go on display at Iowa State Fair”

Between the Lines

Well, certainly these two presidential aspirants qualify as the next president of the United States. Trump made his arrival by helicopter and then gave rides to children.

Hillary “walked past plates of carrots, beets and large cabbages and peered at a pair of the fair’s famous butter statues é .”

Whoever had to write this Associated Press story must have hated the drivel. And this is how an American campaign goes? Seriously???

Headline from SA Express-News

“American doctors have always been an independent lot from the early pioneers who accepted chickens as payment to iconoclasts who lead the world in medical research.”

Between the Lines

Most doctors oppose government intervention, which might seem strange because of some of the stands taken by the American Medical Association on issues.

Thus, many doctors today are fighting against the Affordable Care Act because they see it as more government intervention into health care. It is a program that does not improve the level of care for anyone, as it creates more bureaucracy and less efficiency.

Some of the more familiar names of doctors currently opposing the ACA are Rand Paul and, even more prominent, Ben Carson, both of whom are running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Headline from

“President Obama Commemorates Michael Brown’s Death”

Between the Lines

Sadly, President Obama took the time to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, the man who was shot by police shortly after committing a robbery.

But the week before, the president was too engaged in his family’s vacation to take the time to attend the funerals of the Chattanooga shooting victims, all members of the military. Instead, he sent Vice President Joe Biden.

Five service members, all killed July 16 in a terrorist attack on two military installations, and the president spends more time remembering Michael Brown.

This is a serious case of misplaced priorities.

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