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Be a living ’sign’ to others


One of my friends used to travel frequently and on one particular trip noticed some good church signs. Knowing I keep a “fodder folder” of ideas for articles she wrote some down for me. I too like to read church signs and there are many good ones.

Some seem to hold a full sermon message when you really think about what they say. Others are clever statements about the purpose of the church. One said, we believe in UFO’s Unity, Forgiveness, and Outreach. Another read: ATM’s inside Atonement, Truth, and Mercy. Another warned: Don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out. Having just served on the Pastor Search Committee I thought this one amusing: For God so loved the world He didn’t send a committee.

I think it would be interesting sometimes to find out who came up with the words for the sign. Think about the word. It has so many different meanings. You sign when you make gestures to represent language, as with the hearing impaired. A sign could be a symptom of an illness or something going wrong.

There are traffic signs and warning signs, all giving some type of command or direction. They all make a statement of something that is important, or give information that is useful. These signs are sometimes lighted or have lights shining on them so they’re easier to read if you pass by at night. Their message is out there day and night for all to see.

By the same token we could all be a message if we put the UFO’s and the ATM’s to work in how we live and communicate in our daily lives. Doesn’t it say in Matt. 5:16; Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works (sign) and glorify your Father in heaven. I had to add, sign, because how we live is our message of faith. How great it would be to see everyone as a living sign. Let’s turn our lights on for the dark times too.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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