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What happens to ’lost soles’?

What happens to ’lost soles’?
“Single and looking,” poor “Rightie” is sadly only part of a pair without its solemate, “Leftie,” after a trip to the La Vernia City Park.

Classified ads and Facebook posts often include notices from folks looking for that “special someone.” Folks visiting a La Vernia community Facebook page recently encountered this twist on such ads. “Single and looking,” the photo stated, followed by:

“La Vernia City Park visitors, please help me! I have lost my mate and I’m very sad. My 3-year-old owner removed me from his foot and threw me from the large playscape into the tall grass at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 31. I was found safe and sound, but the 3-year-old’s mother was unable to find my best friend.

“The left shoe was my solemate and without it, I am utterly useless. Like me, ’Leftie,’ as I call him, is a toddler size 8. We’re MFEO, so I’m sure you can understand my distress. If you find Leftie, please contact my owner’s mother at Do not contact my owner, as I’ve learned the hard way that 3-year-olds are irresponsible and unreliable.”

Melissa Wicks, the “irresponsible owner’s” mother, was hopeful the post might result in a reunion for “Leftie” and “Rightie.”

When the La Vernia News contacted her, she’d started to accept that a reunion for these “solemates” wasn’t part of the cosmic plan. She sent this “eulogy” to share with community members.

“Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and words. 3-year-old’s mom here. It has now been over 48 hours and we all know how dire the statistics are concerning the likelihood of finding a lost shoe after that crucial window of time has passed.

“We have come to terms with the fact that Leftie is lost and gone forever. This pair of shoes has now been replaced, and we’re doing our best to put one foot in front of the other. (And by “we,” I mean “I,” because the heartless 3-year-old doesn’t seem to care at all.)

“I often glance in passing at poor Rightie, sitting all by his lonesome on our laundry room shelf. What am I to do with him? Do I keep him, in hopes that Leftie will one day be found and they can experience a joyful reuniting of the soles? Do I throw him in the trash? That just seems so harsh and final. Do I bring him to the La Vernia Park, climb to the highest peak of the playscape, and cast Rightie off into the abyss?

“We’re now left pondering a few existential questions. Do lost soles go to heaven? If we dispose of Rightie, will he be reunited with his solemate in the afterlife? Part of me never wants to give up hope, but the other part of me knows that we must move on.

“In remembrance of Leftie, if you ever find yourself at the park and you witness a child removing his or her shoes while they play, please pick up those shoes and place them neatly on a park bench where the child’s mother will be able to find them easily.

“I am now $35 poorer, but I thank both Leftie and Rightie for the time they gave us for two short months of my child’s third summer. In closing, please enjoy this throwback photo from Rightie and Leftie’s heyday: young Sawyer’s third birthday. They will live in our hearts forever.”

There’s an old theory about the socks that seem to go missing in the laundry, something about collapsing through a black hole into another universe. And maybe that’s what happened to Leftie.

If you happen to stumble across this little “lost sole,” however, a reunion awaits with Rightie, who knows they are “MFEO” made for each other and unhappily remains “single and looking.”

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