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’He Grew the Tree’


In our lives most everyone seems to develop a special connection with some part of nature. I have always had one with certain trees, of all things. As a child I remember spending a lot of time in a silver leaf maple tree in our back yard. It had a low branch just right for climbing up on and the limb was perfect for sitting. I loved looking up at the clouds through those silvery leaves. I was sure there were angels on those clouds.

Now I have two Dogwood trees that flower so beautifully in the spring. Sadly it appears one may be dying but I won’t know until spring. These trees have been a source of enjoyment for people who drive by on their way to and from work. Many have commented to me about the ailing tree. They were like sticks when we planted them and it was years before we saw how beautiful they were.

Then there’s the Magnolia tree my husband planted and babied for several years. He never got to see it in bloom; it is gorgeous. There were many trees on our place that had to be cut down. One of them was a source of wedges for my mom to paint on; she called them doorstops. I still have one and she sold many more.

Trees are quite useful of course; they provide shade, a great place to hang a hammock, and exercise. We wouldn’t need a rake if it weren’t for trees. Their leaves can be a great source of mulch in gardens. And I love to smell burning leaves in the fall.

There was one very special tree that grew many years ago. It was used to make a wooden cross. The story of this cross is in the Word of God, our Bible. There is even a song about it; perhaps you’ve heard it. The song title is, “He Grew the Tree.” It’s about the cross on which Jesus died.

Just think about that. “He grew the tree that He knew would be used to make the old rugged cross.” Those are some of the words of the song. Only He knew how special that tree would one day be.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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