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Voters renew streets tax amid scant turnout


LA VERNIA Just 6.7 percent of the city’s 669 registered voters have decided to renew the city’s quarter-cent sales tax for streets maintenance and repair. The measure passed 42-3 on Election Day, Nov. 8.

Voters who live in cities where streets-maintenance taxes are collected must vote to renew the tax every four years. La Vernia’s tax was adopted in 2007.

Seeing an even lower voter turnout was the statewide constitutional amendment election. Only 3.9 percent of Wilson County’s 26,400 registered voters weighed in on 10 amendments to the state’s constitution.

The highest vote getter in Wilson County Proposition 1, which dealt with property-tax exemptions for the surviving spouses of veterans also drew the most interest statewide and won by an overwhelming majority. In Wilson County, voters supported the proposition 793 to 233. Statewide, the proposition garnered 568,959 in favor, with 117,520 against.

Proposition 10 was the only other amendment that Wilson County voters approved, with a vote of 543 in favor, and 461 against. Statewide, 371,460 voted in favor, while 292,504 voted against. With the approval of this amendment, the length of the unexpired term that triggers automatic resignation under the “resign-to-run” rule is extended from one year to one year and 30 days.

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