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First Baptist prepares for 160th anniversary


As is the nature of things, it was small at first. It traveled from house to house growing and giving nourishment at the same time. It strengthened bonds of friendship and created a new sense of belonging to every place it traveled. It’s family decided to move to another place and it had all the adjustments of relocation to deal with. New friends to be made and the task of holding on to the ones it grew up with. It looked around and saw needs unfilled and searched for ways to bring to others what it had to offer.

As it grew, new friends came and some old friends moved away, it mourned the passing of those it knew from birth, yet rejoiced that it had known them. It was born of a need for fellowship and continues to grow today, known as First Baptist Church of La Vernia. This was written near this very date in 2005 for its 150th anniversary celebration. I chose to submit it again 10 years later.

On Oct. 4, the church will celebrate its 160th anniversary. Dinner will be served on the grounds following the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Visitors and members can view posters of the church history in the fellowship hall. All are invited to attend to learn about how the church began and get a feel for how you may fit into its church family.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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