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In the 16th chapter of the book of Judges, we find the story of a man who God had blessed with extraordinary abilities. He had been raised according to God’s commands but when he reached adulthood, he decided to forget his upbringing and the plan God had for his life.

Samson used the abilities God gave him in his own way instead of using them the way God had intended. He strayed from the way he had been taught relying on his own efforts instead of yielding to God for direction. Samson despised his godly heritage and sought the world instead. He turned into a wild man doing as he pleased living an ungodly life. Samson thought that God would always be there for him but he did not count on suffering the consequence of his disobedience.

Many of us are like Samson. Even though we know the Bible and what God requires of us, we deliberately disregard Him and play with sin until our conscience is clouded and there is no remorse. We become very comfortable with our way instead of God’s way. What we don’t realize is that the devil is always there to steal, kill, and destroy God’s purpose in our life. He wants us to stray from God and become enslaved to sin. His purpose is to derail us from the will of God. Samson did just that. He never turned back to repent; he just kept going until it was too late and he found himself defenseless and ruined until the day that he cried to God. Samson remembered His God in Judges 16:28 as he cried: “Lord God, remember me, God, please give me strength one more time.” God was merciful and gave him the strength to overcome and destroy the Philistines but died in the process.

We sometimes find ourselves in similar situations but it is not too late. Do you find yourself in this situation? Are you running from God? Has the devil stolen God’s blessings and will for your life? Now is the time to turn back and call on God. He is there to help us. God gives us many opportunities to repent but we never know when the last opportunity will come. Please take a moment to reflect and turn back to God. God is there to hear your cry for help and he will help you out of any situation.

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