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Christians, Common Core, and Clinton


Headline from

“High school quarterback penalized for thanking God”

Between the Lines

Here we go again. This time it was a 17-year-old quarterback in New York who ran 73 yards for a touchdown. He raised a finger in the air to praise God something his father said he taught him to do and a referee said he was taunting.

He was promptly penalized. Good grief!!!

Will every game and every endeavor become a plain vanilla experience with no highs and lows, wins and losses? Are they trying to take all the fun out of everything???

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“Several years ago the Common Core fight really warmed up when New York released the scores from standardized tests that revealed the fact that only 30 percent of New York’s children were competent enough to pass the crazy tests.”

Between the Lines

While this administration continues to push the goal of Common Core’s uniformity in schools across the nation, one might question where this will lead us?

They are seeking uniformity for all schools, so that means that now all schools will be uniformly ineffective, with only 30 percent of the students able to pass the mandated tests?

It would seem that uniformity discourages excellence in favor of mediocrity, and this is not a good thing.

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“Kate Quigley, the sister of Glen Doherty, speaks out after Hillary Clinton testifies before the Benghazi committee.”

Between the Lines

Glen Doherty was one of four killed as the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, was attacked in 2012 while Clinton was Secretary of State.

Quigley said she did not realize all the ramifications of Ms. Clinton’s comments to her and other family members after the deaths. Quigley said Clinton prevailed upon the victims’ family members to “have sympathy” for the Libyans whose violent protests led to their loved ones deaths. Clinton also told families that they would get the person responsible for making the reprehensible YouTube video that she said caused the violence.

However, after hearing Clinton testify before the Benghazi committee hearings last Thursday, Quigley now knows that Clinton knew that what she was telling victims’ families was untrue.

Quigley is now speaking out, and she told Anderson Cooper that what Clinton and the administration said about what happened in Benghazi was not true. It was a cover up because Barack Obama was in the midst of a re-election campaign and if they admitted the truth, it would reflect poorly on the administration.

It was made clear in those hearings that Clinton knew, yet told family members that they “would get the guy” who made the video. To this day, “that guy” sits in prison, even though his obscure video had nothing to do with Benghazi.

Clinton now accuses Republicans of exploiting the deaths of the four Americans for political gain. I believe there is political gain to be had, but it applies equally in fact more to the Democrats.

Voters should think seriously before putting Hillary Clinton in the nation’s highest office.

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