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Thankful people are happy people


These cool mornings and comfortable temperatures all day are making a lot of people happy. Happy people are thankful people. This month has always been the time of year that people are encouraged to consider all they have to be thankful for. I used to love to read the lists little children made on Thanksgiving Day, they were usually long and could be quite amusing. I wonder if we as adults could make a list that long and that simple. Some things are hard to be thankful for.

In November I’m always thankful I’m not a turkey, that I may not have to mow again for awhile, that I still have grass if I do have to mow again. I am thankful for the cooler weather. It makes me want to get outside more, that makes my dog happy. I hope for the rest of this month I can think of five things everyday that made me feel really thankful. That shouldn’t be hard to do.

The best one today was finding the tiny bluebonnet plants just coming up. Knowing I will have some flowers in the spring makes me happy. Of course in this life we will experience hard times too. We will need to find a balance between the good and the bad. Some good will come from the bad times. We may not realize it right away but hard times make us stronger and draw us closer to our Lord.

I find myself asking sometimes, “what am I to learn from this” and wonder if the lesson is for me or someone else? And how many times have we heard, “I’m just thankful I don’t have to go through what this other person is dealing with?” Is that feeling thankful or just lucky? More than once in the Bible we are told to give thanks for everything. That means all the time not just in November. Thankful people are happy people. I hope you are one of them.

Have a great week and give God the glory.

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