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God’s gift to us


At this writing there are 10 days left to get everything wrapped up. Are you finished yet? Better yet, do you have a plan for finishing all the things you want to get done?

I had a good time swapping stories the other day with a lady with whom I seemed to have much in common. We discovered we’d both thought it a good idea to purchase Christmas gifts for certain people throughout the year. We even went so far as to wrap and label them carefully before we put them away until the proper time. Both of us had remembered them at about the same time, when gifts were already being unwrapped, and we were miles from home. Forgetting what we had done, something else had been acquired to give.

It is my understanding that Jesus is God’s gift to us. He had this gift ready for us before we were born. Wrapped in his love and carefully labeled with our name, his gift was there ready for us. It wasn’t waiting under a tree that was colorfully decorated. He grew the tree that bore our gift; it was colored with the blood of Jesus. He didn’t put it away but waited patiently for us to begin to unwrap and accept His gift. Once opened and accepted, a new meaning of gift giving is discovered.

The hustle and bustle of this season changes with the seasons of our lives. We watch the young ones enjoy it all and the “look and cook” season is enough to satisfy our need for festivity. Food, fun, fellowship are top priorities as far as activity goes. But the Reason for the Season, the greatest gift ever given, is always Jesus. Share His story, spread the joy.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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