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Get rid of the bad, hold on to the good


Another year has ended. I was happy to let it go. I did, however, do a few things the same as it came to a close. I spent the last day of the year totaling the recorded rainfall. My husband had started keeping track many years ago; we found it interesting to look back at the rainfall and recall the effects of a particular year. I still do.

One thing was different this year é First Baptist had an outdoor worship service New Years Eve. It was held in the parking lot of one of the facilities, hot chocolate was available and a variety of fire-pits helped us tolerate and even enjoy being in the cold and breezy outdoors for the worship time. This in spite of the smoke, which does, by the way, get in your eyes, hair, and fabric of your clothing.

We wrote on a card the things we wanted to let go of and burned them in a pit as the service came to a close. A few stayed to roast marshmallows. It was a special time being together and hearing suggestions for a more meaningful New Year. After hearing, “Let it go” all year, the pastor gave a new slant to the expression. We need to let go of all those things that weigh us down, the longer we carry them around the heavier they get. We let a lot of different things build up inside us, grudges, perceived slights, something not right at the workplace. The list is long and if we’re keeping track of it all, it just gets heavier.

Reminds me of grass burs. If one little tip of a spine breaks off and lodges in our foot it will continue to be an irritant and fester into something really uncomfortable. A constant reminder of that moment we first felt it. And all the while, we know, one day we’ll step on another one. The fastest cure for the puncture is to make a conscious effort to remove the spine.

Such is life. Get rid of the bad things and hold onto the good. The best thing I cling to is a personal relationship with Christ. I can’t imagine life without Him. Years ago I was given an envelope with, “SFGTD” written on it, I’m making a new one this year. It stands for “Something for God to Do.” Probably wind up with a box full but we can count on Him to handle all those things that trouble us. We wish you a blessed New Year. You’re always welcome to visit our house.

Have a great first of the year, week, and give God the glory!

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