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God makes everything beautiful in its time


When I see a house built on the top of a hill I can’t help but wonder what the sunrise and sunset must look like from up there. Recently a neighbor of mine posted a beautiful sunrise picture on Facebook. I saw the picture early enough but when I looked I didn’t see anything like his picture. I live at the bottom of the hill; he lives near the top. This evening I saw some beautiful colors in the sunset and wondered what it would look like from his house. Thinking about it later I decided it must depend on where you are, whether you see the same beautiful things.

I remember once being at the coast and getting up very early to get down on the beach because my sister wanted to take pictures of the beautiful sunrise. It was dark when we first got on the beach. As light began to appear so did the clouds, we didn’t catch the beautiful sunrise. We did discover, as the light got brighter, that the beach was full of jellyfish that had washed ashore. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I once stayed in a cabin in the Ozarks high up on the side of a mountain. Never got to see a sunrise, I was on the wrong side. The sunsets were beautiful though.

The Bible says God has made everything beautiful in it’s time. So I don’t feel that I’ve totally missed out by not seeing one certain thing. I just want to see it all. And some beautiful things aren’t by sight; they’re a feeling. You will find beauty in a sweet smile, a child’s toothless grin, any baby animal, an elderly couple holding hands. The sweet fellowship of a loving church family is truly a beautiful thing. The list goes on.

You don’t have to be at the very top of anyplace, beauty is whereever you are; you just have to look for it, mostly between sunrise and sunset. And remember the one who brought light into this world so we don’t have to miss any of it. Be thankful for the Son-rise, God provided that for us because He loves us.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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