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Bears triumph over Eagles on field

Bears triumph over Eagles on field
MIKE STAHL/LV Memories La Vernia senior Matthew Montgomery stops a Pleasanton shot on goal Feb. 12, as the Bears faced the Eagles in Bear Stadium.

Maybe it was the sunny warm weather that energized the La Vernia Bears varsity soccer team. Whatever it was, they didn’t take take long to get on the scoreboard.

La Vernia’s Miguel De La Torre scored his first goal of the evening a little more than three minutes into the game, and the Bears took the lead.

The Pleasanton Eagles gathered themselves and brought the ball almost to midfield before an errant kick turned the ball back to La Vernia. The ball went back and forth for a while, without either team getting close enough to attempt a goal.

With almost 20 minutes of the first half gone, the Bears took command of the ball. De La Torre got the ball and scored his second goal of the evening.

Pleasanton kicked the ball back almost to midfield, where the Eagles kept control, getting close to the net and attempting to score. New Bear goalie, Matthew Montgomery, ended that hope.

With two injured goalkeepers, Montgomery stepped into the breach, and made a good job on the night.

The Eagles seemed to get renewed energy, keeping the ball and making their way toward the net. An attempt from the corner was off the mark, but the found the side post and bounced back into the net, and Pleasanton was on the scoreboard.

Though both sides took shots at the goal, neither team scored again before the half ended, leaving the score at 2-1 in La Vernia’s favor.

As the second half got under way, both sides worked on possession, but made errant passes leaving neither team mounting much of a threat. Pleasanton came out a bit more aggressive, quickly earning a yellow card for too much aggression. The free kick awarded to the Bears was repelled by the Cowboy defense.

The Bears kept the ball, attempting to score, only to have it turned away by Pleasanton’s goalie, Isaias Reyes. A foot injury on this save sent Isaias out of the game, prompting the visitors to send in a new keeper.

He was quickly put to the test, but proved he was up to the task, stopping La Vernia’s attempt at goal.

At the other end of the field, Montgomery was tested, and also proved his mettle, repelling Pleasanton’s efforts to score.

At just over 17 minutes left in the game, La Vernia brought the ball back down field. As the Bears attempted to score, a Cowboy defender deflected the ball. In the ensuing scramble, Bryan Beltran got a foot to the ball, sending it into the net for La Vernia.

The Eagles mustered their forces, bringing the ball back out front of the goal. The kick went off to one side, where Montgomery stopped it.

A whistle blew as the players raced back downfield and before the goalie could kick the ball.

The referee was holding up a yellow card, facing the new goalie, who, it appeared, had held the ball longer than time allowed.

A free kick by the Eagles was stopped short of the goal.

No one mounted more threats during the remaining time. At the final whistle, the score stood at La Vernia 3, Pleasanton 1.

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