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Forecast calls for bright, sunny smiles

Forecast calls for bright, sunny smiles
Kady Goolsby of La Vernia, with her mother Stephanie and sister Ashley, gets to sit in on the KSAT 12 noon news report Feb. 15 with anchors Mark Austin and Ursula Pari, joined by meteorologist Katie Vossler. Kady’s a big fan of the TV news, especially the weather team.

We’ve all heard the expression “brotherly love,” but Monday sisterly love brought out the sunshine in a big way.

La Vernia High School sophomore Ashley Miller is the big sister of 5-year-old Kadylyn “Kady” Goolsby. Kady who was diagnosed with transitional unbalanced chromosome 17 and 18, along with 9 other diagnoses attends La Vernia Primary School and is in the special-needs program.

“Ever since Kady was a little girl, she would sit in her bouncer in the morning and watch TV, but if a children’s show was on she would cry,” said the girls’ mother, Stephanie Miller. “We started putting the morning news on and Kady was fascinated. From that time on, she was a fan of the news. We watch it every morning and every evening. She just loves the weather team on KSAT 12 and knows each person by name. She especially loves Katie Vossler, because they share the same name.”

On Feb. 2, unbeknownst to her mom, Ashley emailed KSAT 12, telling them that it would be a dream come true for Kady if she could meet some of the weather people at the station. Just 30 short minutes later, Justin Horne ...a member of the TV station’s weather team responded, and a visit was set.

Stephanie did not tell Kady beforehand where they were going. As the vehicle pulled into the KSAT parking lot, the excitement built, and when Kady saw the logo on the side of the building, she knew that she had arrived at a very special place.

Meteorologist Katie Vossler greeted the family at the studio door to lead the group on a tour, which included letting Kady sit in her chair at her desk, sit at the news desk, work the controls for the weather screens, and more.

News anchor Mark Austin strolled in and met Kady; he instantly was enamored with her. He introduced fellow news anchor Ursula Pari to Kady and left to deliver the noon news. During a commercial break, Ursula motioned for Kady, her mom, and older sister Ashley to join them on the news set!

They let Kady sit between them. Ursula pulled out her makeup compact and powdered Kady’s nose and cheeks, added a little blush on her cheeks, and combed her bangs. Then the cameras clicked on and Mark introduced little Kady to the TV news audience. Her mile-wide smile lit up the screen.

It was a wonderful experience, not one to be soon forgotten by anyone!

Mark Austin posted a photo of the visit on his Facebook page, saying, “Best giggle ever! Kady, her mom Stephanie and big sis Ashley came up from La Vernia to watch the noon show today. Little did they know we’d put them on the air! é Her laugh and smile were contagious. é”

Kady’s enthusiasm is infectious and it is hard not to smile around her. She is just adorable and now she is a television celebrity, thanks to her big sister, Ashley.

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