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Hillary, guns, and dirt


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“Which Side Are You On, Hillary?”

Between the Lines

Ms. Clinton is pretty slick at talking from both sides of her mouth, but it is rare that you would see her questioned by the likes of The New York Times.

She used her slick talking with the coal miners in Kentucky when she told them that she knew her proposals would essentially ruin the coal mining industry.

She sympathized with those who would be losing their livelihood but said, “Don’t worry. We’ll sign you up for welfare programs to make sure you are taken care of.” That wasn’t her exact quote, but close enough.

That was just as she did in Wisconsin, saying that she stands up for unions, but that does not match up with her record. The New York Times blames her record of support for free-trade agreements as the reason she lost union votes to Bernie Sanders.

She is one smooth talker, that Hillary Clinton.

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“As you remember, one part of Obama’s gun control executive order was an instruction for the Social Security Administration to forcibly disarm any beneficiary deemed to be mentally disabled.”

Between the Lines

Making the determination of what constitutes mental disability can be subjective. For instance, this administration wants it to include anyone who has a “designated payee” assigned to help with managing finances.

Well how many folks simply need help understanding their bank statement? Will they be declared mentally disabled? Paying bills and handling paperwork can be exceedingly complicated, but because they need help sorting it out does not mean they are a threat to society. That is not a reason their Second Amendment rights should be suspended.

Such a ruling could leave the elderly, who are especially vulnerable to having crimes committed against them, defenseless and easy prey for someone wanting to do them harm.

This presidential executive order is particularly troublesome, and at least as dangerous to gun owners as is using the “no fly” list to disqualify one from gun ownership.

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“Get your hands dirty in the garden.”

Between the Lines

Unlike kids today who have little to no exposure to dirt (as in soil), those of us of a certain age recall kids “playing in the dirt.”

Dr. Mercola points out what most of us older folks instinctively knew. Soil contains bacteria that can serve as “natural vaccines,” and exposure to these natural bacteria can go a long way toward allowing your body to build up its own natural immunity toward diseases.

Pavement, sidewalks, and manicured lawns leave little room for dirt. Children are scolded for getting dirty. They wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap, which is another way that natural exposure to bacteria is avoided.

They play indoors with video games, iPods, and smart phones. They spend time texting and on social media. Even very young children are kept at arm’s length from playing in the dirt.

So as adults, we find it a novel idea. Let’s get our hands in the dirt!

Processed foods and refined sugars, along with what Mercola calls “dead” nutrients, exacerbate the problem of vulnerable immune systems.

Further, he advises, open your windows and invite nature in. In fact, this could save on air-conditioning bills as well.

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