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Trials will come; be thankful


The last several days have been a challenge for me, and I have learned a little more about myself. I am so spoiled to so many things. When the Internet went out, I suddenly wanted to do all those things I had put off when it was working. When the gate opener took a lightening hit, I realized opening and closing the gate is actually a form of exercise, not at all taxing unless it’s raining. Fortunately it hasn’t done that, the drizzle was just a minor inconvenience. Bringing the dog home from the vet the other day I thought I saw him grin when I got out to open the gate.

I went to a funeral in Fredericksburg earlier in the week and spent the night before in Boerne. That turned out to be a good thing to do because the next morning there was heavy fog a good part of the way. That slowed me down somewhat but I still got there on time. Finally, my satellite TV went out on Friday all day and I had nothing to watch. It made me realize what a news junkie I am. But I survived and the TV problem magically healed itself late that night. I don’t think the dog liked not having the TV when I went out for a while to visit with friends. The repairman came the next day and fixed what he was sure had caused the problem. I was able to watch the Spurs game and that made it all okay.

James tells us to; “count it all joy when you fall into trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” I know these trials I have mentioned were small things but they were still trials. And I have to admit the joy came after the incidents were taken care of. But, I did spend more time reading, praying, and being thankful for His faithfulness. Trials are bound to come, some huge some small. And we will be fine as long as we trust our Lord to help us. And He just keeps on blessing us in so many ways. Let’s not get too spoiled to remember that He does.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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