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Trust in God to keep you away from ’fences’


Walking my fence line is interesting most days. Last Saturday the walk was more of a mission. It seems my dog has found a few weak places in the fence and while I was mowing he decided to get acquainted with some neighbors.

My first clue was when my cell phone rang. I had to shut down the mower to return the call. I recognized the number right away, it was the vet’s office, so I immediately knew the dog was gone, just needed an address. Turns out it was right next door.

I drove around to the house and they helped me get him to my car safely. When we got home I put him on a chain and walked the area I had last seen him. Sure enough I found a place where a wire had snapped and just his size too. I put some chicken wire over that area and looked along that area for more. Satisfied I had taken care of it, I then proceeded to give him a bath. He had to go through some very heavy weeds on his visit and found lots of sticky little burs, beggars lice or stick tights, I believe they’re called.

A few hours later I let the dog out feeling quite smug over finding and covering his escape route. It wasn’t 10 minutes later when the neighbor called to let me know he was back again. One more trip to bring him home. This time I put him on a leash and walked toward the fence. He went straight to his new escape route. By the time I got him back on the chain and got all the things I needed to fix the fence it was sprinkling. I have never melted before so I didn’t let that stop me. He has gone back and checked it out several times but seems to have lost his desire to visit, for now at least. And I really can’t blame him for wanting to visit, sometimes I find myself pretty boring too.

Thinking about this, my dog isn’t too unlike us humans. Sometimes when we want something we just go after it without giving it any thought. Then we may find a lot of things clinging to us, like those stick-tights that we’d rather not deal with. But, hey, we got what we went after. Everything is rosy until we realize it’s time to clean up the mess. And we may not always be able to cover up those routes we used to get to our desire.

We too have a Master who will come after us and bring us home, clean us up, fill in any gaps in our boundaries, and take away that desire to go where we shouldn’t. He is even willing to do it more than once or twice. But I won’t tell my dog about that part. It all really made me tired. We just need to walk on the path the Lord puts us on, stay out of the sticky weeds, and remember that fences are boundaries. Also, keep lots of chicken wire on hand.

Have a great week and give God the glory!

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